Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Flash Testimonial Tips (How To)

This is my first post in testimonial in year 2007. So I hope is not to late to say

In this post I want to give you tips how to get, steal, copy or whatever, flash animation files from Hallmark.com and use it as testimonial in friendster, myspace or even your own website

I know that some users didn't notice that "almost" all the animation in friendster, myspace are based on flash. And this flash file is quite different with images (.jpg, .gif, .png, etc). You "can't" save the flash file with right click on the browser, just like what you did with images. There are extra step to get these files.

If you are a computer geeks, I'm sure that you realize that all the page content of the website we have accessed are stored in your computer. All the script, images, the text an also the flash animation already saved in your computer harddisk. 
And the next question is... "How to get these files?" There are many ways to get these files, one of them is to search it in your browser cache.

If you are using Opera,
The path is C:\Documents and Settings\[Your Windows account name]\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile\cache4

When you open the directory you'll find many files, then sort the files by the type. You will find the flash file, just like I show you in the screenshot below :P

And then you can try to play the flash file :D.
In the screenshot below I play Happy Feet Ecard from Hallmark.com

The next step is you must put this file on the web, and this can be done by many ways. All you need is the path to the file, for example I upload duck.SWF (flash animation file) to y googlepages site, so my file path is : http://andrewpblog.googlepages.com/duck.SWF

After you upload the file, next thing you need the learn is the script (code). With this code you could use the flash file on the friendster testimonial (Huh.... at last) .

You know that there are many ways to embed a flash file in a webpages. But I will give you the simple (I hope) the steps are:

1. Copy script below to your own page
2. Change red colored text with your file path
3. Change blue colored text with your message 

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