Thursday, July 19, 2007

Using Melsa's Free Internet Hotspot at BIP

I have visited BIP (Bandung Indah Plaza) for many times, cause I've been living in Bandung for 5 year. But the different is this time, I bring my notebook with me for trying Melsa's free wi-fi internet access in BIP's food court. This is my first time accessing internet in public hotspot and I've planned to do survey about it's speed and system, but something surprising me... That I'm able to do "little hacking" in this place (I'll tell you about this on the next post).

I knew that I must registered first to access internet with this free hotspot. So I came to the counter and fill the form, and I was lucky that I was able to see her input my data to the system. But I don't know what software they're using. Then I got my username and password.

Then after I ordering 'fried rice' from the food counter. I switched on my notebook and began my 'wireless adventure'.

When I accessing a page, automatically my request redirected to the login page with extra two pages full of advertisement. It's a little bit disturbing though, but I think this is the consequences of using free internet right? Then after logging in I tried to access some websites. Yup the access is fast when I accessing local websites:, But the connection so slow if I try to open not local websites.

Uugghh... I tried to download a file and the maximum speed I got only 0,5 KB/s.

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