Friday, September 16, 2005

Foto Laptop Gendut

Waktu itu gw udah bilang khan mau masukin foto laptopnya gendut. Nah ini dia fotonya.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Gendut Laptop Baru

Hari ini gendut punya laptop baru.
Aduh senangnya....
Kemarin gendut baru beli dari BEC =)
Foto laptopnya menyususul...

Friday, September 09, 2005

Sweet Memories

Not long-long time ago in Student Center
Adventist University of Indonesia

Photo Wasiat

Me and Arthur with Madu Photo

Habis Madu Sempaks dibuang

My roommates Sam, with his ex-girfriend photo

It's Working

Today I'm trying to configure my server to limit the ftp or other port except port 80 (HTTP) port. Now, I'm running Fedora Core 4 box and using squid as proxy. For you that newbie in Linux as I am, it's a little confusing when you try to configure bandwith shaping. I read a lot to make the configuration. I want to limit the ftp or other consuming protocol so that it won't consumed our browsing (http) bandwith. But now the configuration it's working. I'm using htb to make the shaping. Please contact me to ask about the references.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

UNAI Internet Team

I'm not alone in building this Local Area Network Connection. There are people that we called UNAI Internet Team that responsible for building and maintenance (at last we know this is the hard part).

The Team Are:
Stanislav Kirilov : Project Manager
A. Limbong : Project Advisor
Y. Tarihoran : Project Advisor
Me (Andrew) : Server Administrator
Januar Sudharsono : Network Administrator
Yordan Raturandang : Network Administrator
Arthur Renaldy : Network Administrator
Benedicto Silitonga : Network Administrator
Samuel Sihotang : Network Administrator

That's ALL

We start from zero

In july, we began our project to build Local Area Connection (LAN) in our campus. Our campus is not to big and we thought we could connect each home only with FTP and UTP cable. But the problem is the longest cable distance is about 800m!
First I didn't believe that we could connect such network with FTP cable. Because as long as I know the longest network that can be established with FTP/UTP cable only 500m and using 5 switches.
But we made it happen! We are using 8 switches for the longest network.